getting there

All of my follicles appear to have grown their proscribed 1-3 mm – so I am feeling better. Lead follicle is now 18 mm, and there are two above 16 and several in the 13-14 window.

I had a long meeting with the in-cycle nurses this morning, post ultrasound, where they went over the trigger procedure and various details about the egg retrieval and embryo growth process. It was helpful, and they were relieved that I followed and understood the different dosage and mixing options for the trigger. They asked what I did. I said microbiology, and I’ve worked for years with syringes. They nodded in a “yes, that is why” kind of way. Three people have called me ‘a breath of fresh air’ in the clinic so far, including my Dr., so I wonder if this month has been full of emotion-driven folk? They all just seem so relieved that I am calm and feel competent about this process.

Some information I am chewing on: we are doing a split of natural fertilization and ICSI. The clinic will only do this if there are at least 14 eggs. The default if there are fewer is all ICSI, so that seems fine to me. They are aiming for a day 5 transfer for me. They will only push to day 5 if we have at least 6 embryos above a certain quality. This also seems fair to me, but also scary.

In my heart of hearts, I want four blasts. One to transfer, three to freeze, so I can transfer two at a time with one still as a backup in later rounds if we need them. That might be greedy. Or perhaps my cup will runneth over with embryos. It cannot be known.

What I really want is a pregnancy, but that still seems fairly out of reach.

Mainly, I’m just really relieved that it all seems to be going well, my ovaries are behaving, and I haven’t turned into a hormonal monster. I’m running a bit warm, and I’m a bit bloated, but honestly, I’m feeling mostly normal, and I’m so pleased. I know this may change when the drug regimen switches to the luteal phase, but I’m happy for now.


6 thoughts on “getting there

  1. mamajo23

    Glad things are going well. The best thing I finally did during the IVF process was just take each step at a time. I didn’t think ahead too much and took each piece of information in stride. I tried not to have expectations or parameters, however hard that is. Good luck!!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m trying so hard to stay in the moment! Although currently it’s hard not to wonder how the retrieval will go, and how I will feel after, but for now, I’m still staying focused on being calm and rested and letting these eggs do what they need to do!

  2. thecommonostrich

    I’m with mamajo23- IVF is easier if you take it one day at a time. I kept reminding myself that my goal for that round was one healthy pregnancy. That kept me mostly sane. Mostly… 😉

    Sounds like your doing pretty well keeping your crazy in check though. Keep up the good work!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Right, yes, good, thank you. One healthy pregnancy. That’s better than playing embryo roulette in my head: what number will it land on?
      I’m trying hard to stay calm and in the moment. I think the waiting for embryo growth will be really hard though.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Saturday morning! I trigger tonight. Ta da! Everything grew a lot the past two days, so now I have 22 follicles at 14+ mm (min for maturity). Early egg retrieval though, 7:30 am. Whee!


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