Triggered! My RE went with the full 10,000 U of HcG, rather than any combo of lupron and smaller HcG amounts. I am happy with this – full HcG leads to higher numbers of mature follicles, and lupron is used to mediate possible OHSS but to the detriment of mature egg numbers. My estrogen yesterday was 4010, so the rise was flattening out, and the number was well below 5000, so I *should* be lower risk for hyperstimulation than I could have been.

22 follicles at 14 mm+ at 8 am yesterday, lead follicle at 20 mm, trigger at 7:30 pm last night. Retrieval is Saturday at 7:30 am (ouch), and then we shall see what happens.

Today would have been my only day without needles for this month, but I had scheduled an acupuncture appointment. Hilarious, and I’m still going because while I still think it is likely bunk in terms of helping with reproductive aspects of life, I really do feel a benefit in terms of my stress level.

Advice welcomed for avoiding OHSS and how the retrieval will make me feel. I’m hoping I’ll be sore but not incapacitated this weekend – is that reasonable?


6 thoughts on “t-t-t-trigger!

  1. Suzanna Catherine

    I’m here from Res Cogitatae. Hope your procedure tomorrow will not be incapacitating. Sorry I don’t have any words of wisdom, just sending lots of good wishes, prayers and ((hugs)).

  2. Turia

    Good luck! Fingers crossed for a great result.

    With OHSS, my best assvice is Gatorade. Lots and lots of gatorade. I did the other stuff too (lots of protein, salt, etc.), but I found that nothing else helped like drinking a minimum of one litre of gatorade did. But I’m hopeful it won’t be too bad for you.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks lovely. 26 eggs! Almost TOO good a result, but we shall see. Did you restrict other liquids, or just go full hydration station? Did you end up with OHSS at all?


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