You know what? This wasn’t what I wanted, and it certainly wasn’t what I expected from Sunday’s report. I still don’t know what this means for the future (this cycle or otherwise). Transferring today means I’m going to skip the incredibly busy and exciting conference I was going to tomorrow in favor of just taking it seriously easy, which feels like salt in the wound.

But Pea is proud of our two little embryos. They are pretty photogenic – I’ll post ’em tomorrow. He’s a little disappointed, but he’s confused as to why I am so sad.

But. Right now I am pregnant until proven otherwise, and that, my friends, is closer than I have been in seven months.

I’m not happy, but damned if I will be as sad as I want to be about this. We transferred some embryos. We’re still in this.


4 thoughts on “But.

  1. thecommonostrich

    I totally sympathize with this. I also had a Day 3 transfer, with a solidly midpack 4-cell embryo. I remember feeling tired and a little disappointed. After the fact, my RE said she was glad we didn’t transfer more, because I ended up with one strong little sucker.

    Ultimately, I ended up with just embryo of the 13 eggs from retrieval that made it to Day 5 and is now hanging out in a freezer. It’s nice to have a back up, but remember… Your goal now is ONE HEALTHY PREGNANCY.

    In the meantime, be kind to yourself.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Oh, thanks Ostrich, that makes me feel so much better. Tired and disappointed is exactly how I was feeling. I’m in a better head-space today. I’d love a back-up or two, but it is what it is!
      I’m working from bed, with gatorade (of which the novelty has decidedly worn off). Maybe I’ll go do something indulgent this afternoon. Or knit a scarf!


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