After waiting around again, I called the clinic at 2 pm, as our tentative transfer time was 5 pm and it takes me a while to get to the clinic from work (read: 1.5-2 hours). They consulted the embryologist, and perkily confirmed “yep, your transfer will be today.”

I was sad, and worried. It meant that from 19 embryos, we obviously didn’t have 6 that are high enough quality to consider pushing to day 5.

It was worse than that – ALL of them are middling to terrible quality.

We transferred two three-day embryos. You want them to have 6-10 cells, and fragmentation scores from 1-3 (scale 1-6, lower is better) We transferred back one 9-cell, with a fragmentation score of 3. One 7-cell, also a 3. All of our embryos had fragmentation scores of 3-5. Five of the eight IVF embryos were at 4 cell or smaller, and fragmented at 5. Shit, in essence.

The embryologist gave us odds of 25-50%. He didn’t sound confident. I asked about blasts, and he said they would keep culturing and decide on day 5, but again, he was pretty low-optimism about their chances.

Quality over quantity, my friends. We skewed the wrong way on this one. I’ve worried for ages my eggs are just shit, and this really does seem to confirm it. Also thank goodness we did ICSI, since the IVF embryos are in terrible shape.

Next steps are to wait around for two weeks being good to myself. After that, I really don’t, and can’t, know.


One thought on “transferred

  1. JC

    “I’ve worried for ages my eggs are just shit, and this really does seem to confirm it.”

    As you know, PCOS makes it easy to get lots of eggs, and a lot harder to get good eggs. However, that’s not necessarily a comment on the underlying quality of your eggs, but rather a comment on how tricky it can be to get a good stim. (To first order, you can think of PCOS ovaries as a wonky *and* under-damped system. So you go in not knowing quite what’s going on in there, and then complicate it with the fact that the response to stims can be really non-linear, and suddenly the whole stim process can get a whole lot more tetchy.)

    I have PCOS, and it took my REs 3 cycles to figure out how to stim me well. In my first 2 cycles combined, they got one lousy mature egg (they average 15-18 per PCOS patient, per cycle), but once they figured out how to tweak the meds for me throughout the stim (lots of playing with the LH:FSH ratio, depending on the daily bloodwork), they got lovely eggs that led to a ridiculously high conversion rate (~80%, IIRC, over my last 3 cycles) to high-quality blasts.

    All this to say: don’t despair, and don’t write off your ovaries yet.

    Btw, I haven’t been reading for long, but have been enjoying your posts–hoping for some lovely news for you soon!


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