Things Pea and I have put together in the past two weeks:

This puzzle! It is 3000 pieces, and took us many evenings. The elephants, though my favorite animal, were daunting at best. SO much grey. The amazon review that said “sooner or later you have to do the elephants” was speaking from experience, my friends.

photo (4)

These embryos! They are 7 and 9 pieces. They took 3 days or 3 years, depending how you look at it.

photo (3)

I *think* the nine-cell is on top? It looks prettier from a fragmentation point of view, but they were scored identically. Hopefully at least one of them is still around!

So now I am in a two week wait, and I am bloated and emotional, so the progesterone shots seem to be working. One set of my parents arrives today for a two-weekend visit (with them gallivanting around California in the middle), so that will be an excellent distraction. My clinic wants me to go for my blood test 14dp3dt, or next next Tuesday. Pea wants us to find out on our own, and I’m all over the pee sticks, so I’ll probably test over the second weekend my parents are here.

7 thoughts on “Assembly

  1. Turia

    Those are some mighty cute embryos. My clinic does a picture of the actual transfer, and I’d much rather have the embryos.

    Have fun with the parents!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Like, a picture of the ultrasound image? Weird. She showed me the two little blips in my uterus, but I didn’t think they were big enough to see on a screen like that so have been sitting here thinking she was just bullshitting a valium-ed woman. Perhaps not!
      No word on frosties yet. It would just be a delightful surprise at this point if we have any, so we shall see!

      1. Turia

        Yeah, it is the uterus with a picture of the white blob in it that is the fluid that the embryos are in. So no actual embryos in sight. I have always been disappointed once I realized that some people get pictures of the actual embryos. They always show me them on the screen before transfer, but that’s fleeting.

  2. Haisla

    Congrats your officially PUPO!!!! And such beautiful embryos. They may not be perfect, (as in on the scale that the Docs place embryos on) but they just need to be tenacious. Let’s hope they’re nuzzling in well and good and stay put for the next eight and a bit months!!!xx


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