I’m not dead!

But my computer is! Hence the quiet on this front.

So, an update on the goings and coming of my current life.

I am 7 days post 3-day transfer (7dp3dt). I debated peeing on a stick on Saturday and had the good sense to desist. Too early to know if the trigger is gone. Too early to know if a negative is a real negative. Healthy for no one. I feel normal. Sometimes crampy. On Saturday I had to pee every ten minutes, but that is back to normal now. I’m back to my pre-stims weight, but still kinda bloaty through the middle. My ovaries no longer hurt. All seems well, aside from the growing urge to test every time my uterus grumples. I have decided to wait til Saturday.

My clinic did not call me Thursday for a final embryo report. They did not call me Friday, so I called them. They did not call me Saturday or Sunday, so I called them again on Monday, and they called me back. The nurse was shocked no one had called, and that no one had called me back: genuinely, and very apologetic, I forgave her because she told me one of our embryos made it to freeze – a 3bb blastocyst! Two others made it to early blast, but not far enough along, nor fast enough to consider freezing. It made me feel a whole lot better about the prospects of the two we transferred. Plus I am a kid who appreciates a back up.

On that note, Saturday my laptop died. Unresponsive blank grey screen, what delight! Although, after some forum reading and various attempts, we did manage to get it to boot in single user mode, which looks like a dos prompt. I was able to attach and mount a hard drive, and copy all my files off it, so no real damage done. It is in the hands of the geniuses now, with the initial diagnosis of fried logic board. It may come back to me a frankenstein of refurbished parts, but it’s got 21 more days of its 3 year warranty, so I can’t fault its timing. I’ve got a pretty little loaner from a colleague in the meantime – tiny and light, though I’ll have to be careful not to over-compute the poor thing.

My parents are visiting – I sent them down the coast for the week while Pea and I work, but we had a lovely weekend gallivanting around and have another coming up next weekend. It is delightful to have them around! I struggle sometimes with their incessant need to pay for things or buy us treats – it is one of their strongest love languages, the spending of money and the giving of gifts, and it is habit for them to treat me as their child… It is hard because I am so very independent and stubborn, and, frankly, am in significantly better financial shape than they are. I often feel I should be doing more for them, helping them in their slightly-spare retirement. They would never let me, but I feel I should. So it is hard to let them buy us dinner, when I really feel it should go the other way.

To round it all out, our landlord emailed last night to say she will be selling our unit, effective May 1st. So we will have to move, knowing we will move again in a year when we return to Canada. Not ideal, and Pea and I are both grumpy about it. Today I posted on our building message board that we were in the market to rent a 2-bedroom, as we love our location and building. Two people have replied – one on our floor, one the floor above, and we will see one tonight and the other tomorrow. If all goes well, we’ll have a new lease sorted out within three days of learning we need to move, and we can keep our lovely spot and set up identically. Rents have upped in the past three years (oh my have they ever), so it’s an expensive shift, but the convenience and comfort and the relative ease of the move will make it worth it. Plus it saves us house hunting and jockeying for leases, out in the wilds of this city. It’s madness out there, and if we can cleanly get this sorted, I will be very pleased. Grumpy, but pleased. We can afford it, and I am grateful again to Golden Company for that ease.

Bad things go in threes – was it poor embryos, laptop, apartment, or have the embryos distinguished themselves sufficiently that I am awaiting a third? Hard to say, but I will just keep fixing the things that break, and enjoying the things that make me happy.

4 thoughts on “I’m not dead!

  1. Turia

    That is terrible that your computer died, although good for it for going within the warranty! Did you have much that wasn’t on Dropbox? I am now pretty obsessive about saving everything twice. About the only thing I get behind with are photos, and I won’t delete them off of the camera until I know they’re on Dropbox.

    Also annoying that you have to move, although possible less annoying than if you had taken the original 1 July start date, as then you’d have to move for two months only. I hope it’s all sorted out smoothly. We can help you unpack when we visit!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      We’ve already decided E. can unpack all the books. Child labour. We’ve heard it’s really effective and cost-efficient. So yes, we might be a bit topsy turvy, but we’ll have had a full weekend and it should at least look like an apartment, maybe with some piles of boxes in corners.
      I can’t solely use dropbox, I’ve got over 100 Gb of data on my computer, but I was able to get the files off onto a 500 Gb hard drive, so I’m sorted. I use dropbox for super important files, as a back-up back-up!

      1. Turia

        I pay for Dropbox, and they recently (maybe when I renewed?) upgraded me. I have 1 TB of space now! I’m not sure if this is their new standard, but I would guess so, since I’m not even close to halfway to the original 100 GB max.

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