The time I was briefly pregnant, my bowels turned to water and my face broke out like puberty realized it had forgotten me.

My bowels are water. My face is a mess. My test yesterday morning – negative.

I’m glad I tested. It was 13dp3dt – late enough to be reliable. Beta is tomorrow, so we’ll see, but I am prepared for a zero now, and I think given how I feel today, I’d have been expecting something different. Yesterday was a low, but I think this will hit me later…. also I didn’t have that much hope for this cycle after the initial embryo report.


6 thoughts on “falsification

  1. Turia

    I am very sorry. Given my track record, I am holding out hope you got a dud test, but I do really understand the need to prepare and work towards a negative.

  2. Jessica

    I’m so disappointed for you, I was hoping this would be the one.
    Chin up and fingers crossed for the next round. I’m sincerely pulling for you.


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