conversations with Pea

Pea likes things. He likes to have things, and collect things. I am strongly a ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ kind of person. I like how our apartment is homey, but if I have the choice of packing something and moving it or just recycling/donating/trashing it, I’ll lean towards the latter every time.

This caused some mild clashes when we packed up to move to Hilly Quirky City, and now we are moving within the city, within the building, but still having to pack everything. Here’s how I think it’s going to go, based on real conversations thus far.


Me: “So, do you think, if there is a box that we brought from Canuckian city and have not ever opened, that maybe we don’t need the things in that box?”

Pea: “It is already packed and ready to move to New City next year! How handy!”


Me: “We have too many mugs. We are going to have to get rid of some mugs.”

Pea: skeptically “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”


I’ve gotten a skeptical “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” on a number of small forays into clearing out our apartment a bit. I haven’t even mentioned the rock collection. Yet.


One thought on “conversations with Pea

  1. Turia

    The comment about the box made me laugh out loud. Man, do I love Pea. But do I also ever sympathize with you!

    I am probably a bit more of a hoarder at heart than you, but I hit a crisis point in the last year, and the idea of bringing more STUFF into our house makes me feel ill. And if it kills me I’m getting the basement storage closets sorted out this summer. There is a ton of stuff in there we have never used since we bought the house, and that’s long enough for me put my foot down on getting it booted out.

    I do sometimes regret things I have got rid of (usually clothes, as I am good at purging those- this is probably why I usually have almost nothing to wear), but most of the time not.

    Good luck!


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