give me a day to breathe

I wanted some time off. I wanted to relax, and enjoy our visitors and trips and to not think about this fertility business.

We had our call with our Dr. today. She was sad, and disappointed as well. She has ideas for what to switch up. She wants me to have been on metformin if we do another fresh cycle. She asked if we wanted to do the FET before another fresh cycle – a clear indication she’s not very happy with this embryo. This ICSI, day 6 3bb embryo, in whom I have some faith, as it is our strongest little bug, but in which I have a realistic depression of hope, as it is not very high quality, and a late bloomer, and frozen cycles have never ever worked for my family.

To do the FET in late June, which is the earliest we can do it because they are moving to the new location in May, I start birth control today. I start metformin tomorrow (this will not help the FET, but she wants it in my system for the now-seemingly-inevitable new fresh cycle). I will be back on drugs.

I agreed, contacted my pharmacy, and the insurance coordinator (back into THAT fire, hooray…). I sat back utterly overwhelmed.  And my coworkers came in and demanded we all join them for a mid-afternoon beer. Nothing has been so well timed in my life in a while.

So now I am a bit buzzed and a bit sunburnt, and I’ve had a chance to think this through. Being on the pill is annoying, BUT it will actually afford me a better break than if I wasn’t. I’d be keeping an eye peeled for ovulation, obsessing. I’d already started, if I’m being honest. The pill simplifies this, and keeps my hormones from shifting dramatically out of whack in the meantime.

Metformin I will try. It’s not geared to help thin PCOS – it treats insulin resistance, but there is some evidence it helps with PCOS egg quality, and I’m on board for that. If it’s an awful GI issue, we’ll stop it – my Dr. does not think the chance it might help is worth months of discomfort for me.

I’m taking Ovaboost and more coQ10, the latter on her request. If we have to do another fresh cycle, I am determined to come at it with the best nourished eggs I can. If we don’t have to, I’ll be delighted.

I wanted a break, but the calendar in my inbox gives me a plan, and that will honestly be more relaxing for me. As will the pill, and possibly the sense I’m doing something with the metformin and supplements.

Now I just have to figure out what work I’m going to do while overly warm and slightly drunken.


2 thoughts on “give me a day to breathe

  1. Turia

    My assvice with the metformin is just to build it up slowly, and to really watch your diet in the beginning. I have found the last few times I’ve been on it I’ve barely reacted, so I think the body gets used to it.

    I’m also in favour of using bcps when not at the clinic. If you’ve hit the IVF/ICSI stage, you’re not really trying unless you’re at the clinic for a fresh cycle or a FET. Might as well control the hormones and keep a clean baseline.

    Good on your co-workers. Sounds perfect.

    I will keep my fingers crossed with the FET, but bitter experience has made me wary of day 6 frosties. Hopefully yours will prove me wrong!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks lovely. I’ll be careful with the metformin – my Dr. wants me on one pill for a week, then two for a week, then the full dose. And if it causes real trouble, we’ll just nix it.
      I’m wary of a day 6 blast too, but we will give it a shot – I’m definitely not mentally ready for a fresh cycle, so this is a good bridge in the meantime.


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