Bert, Nan, Flossie, and Freddie

Fair warning – this post is about pregnancy loss and pregnancy gain, and might be a trigger.

Do you remember the Bobbsey twins? The crime fighting family composed of two sets of fraternal twins? I remember them fondly from my childhood.

A friend of mine is going to have the Bobbsey twins of her own! I’m excited for her, but also blown away by the prospects of double twins, six years apart. But the backstory makes this nothing but excellence, and gives me a lot of hope.

She and her husband agreed to try to conceive, but she wasn’t taking it very seriously, as she was trying to finish her PhD, and she figured it would take some time. Exactly five weeks after ditching the pill, she peed on a stick, and nine months later gave birth to two adorable boys (it really was nine months, she’s a superhero and they were well behaved in utero). She and her husband had some marital issues to work through, and about a year ago were in a place where they wanted to try again. She got pregnant shortly after, though not immediately. Ultrasound at six weeks – healthy baby. Ultrasound at 12 weeks – missed miscarriage. A few months later, they decided to try again. She got pregnant shortly after. Ultrasound at six weeks – healthy baby. Ultrasound at eleven weeks because of pain – miscarriage in progress. I didn’t talk to her about their decision this time around, but they obviously either were not trying/not preventing, or actively trying. She sent me a text saying “see if you can figure out what this is showing” with an ultrasound picture with two little beans, each in their own little bubble. Last week I checked in with her, as it was her 12 week ultrasound, and heard nothing back. I was worried, but I heard from her this weekend and all is well!

She sounds a bit shell-shocked, and was a mess this week leading up to the ultrasound, understandably. Also a twin pregnancy when you are 30 is a different beast than a twin pregnancy at 36, but she is fit and determined.

Also this week, Pea got an email from a good friend who has had a marriage on the rocks because of infertility. We know they have been struggling for at least four years, but we don’t really know what they’ve gone through in terms of treatment. His friend was writing to let Pea know they are expecting a baby girl!

All this to say, despite some definite “why not us?” twangs, there are success stories out there and I gain hope from them.

lab book update – despite taking metformin, ovaboost, reclipsen (bcp) AND adding meat to my diet, all of which state that digestive upset is a likely side-effect, I seem ok. My gut is never a perfect system, but that’s mostly tied to stress, and it doesn’t seem any worse. So that’s good!


4 thoughts on “Bert, Nan, Flossie, and Freddie

  1. Turia

    I wish I could remember them fondly, but now I just get stuck on Dinah the cook and how unbelievably racist those books were. 😦

    WOW! That is crazy news for your friend. Her older boys will be able to show the younger ones the ropes. I’m so glad things have worked out this time and will keep my fingers crossed she can cook these babies for as long as she cooked their brothers.

    Crap happens. But good things happen too. I was reading an infertility survival handbook this week (mostly for the chapter on stopping treatments) and she talked about each cycle as a blank slate. You know now you need IVF/ICSI to have a good chance. You didn’t know that before. You can’t erase the time and frustration you expended to get to this knowledge, but now you do know. Now you have a better chance to make things work.


  2. Turia

    Also, you were right about the B vitamins. I looked into it more closely, and the supplement had more than the RDA of a bunch of them. Why even make a supplement like that available over the counter?? I think with the prenatal multi I should be good. Thanks for the extra note of caution!

  3. thecommonostrich

    I do, I do! I remember the Bobbsey Twins! At the time, I thought it was so delightful. Now it sounds like pure chaos. Regardless, best of luck to your friend. Clearly, twins run in the family.

    Of the many lessons IF taught me, it was the value of being happy for ANYONE for ANY circumstances. When you’re facing disappointment every month, it is important to remember how to feel truly glad and fortunate even if not for yourself. It is like muscle memory, and will come in handy when you have your own good news to share.

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