Conversations with Pea, part the next

Around 6 pm, Pea wanders into bedroom. Looks at various surfaces. Wanders out of bedroom.

Pea returns to bedroom with a level and tape measure. Measures, levels, frowns.

Pea: I like putting up pictures in my pajamas, but they don’t have any pockets. Do you see my pencil?

Me: No, maybe it is in the other room? Also, your pajamas do have pockets.

Pea walking out of room: Yes! But if I put the level in them, my pants will fall off.

Me: It is a hard Sunday you are having.


In related news – we moved! The new apartment is quite nice, but a lot warmer than our last one despite being in the same building – we think being on the top floor really changes the heat from the roof. Also it gets more sun during the day. We’re pretty much unpacked, we’re now at the “why do we own these odds and ends that are all over the floor” stage.

In other news, I’m now taking a veritable barrage of large pills daily. A prenatal, a CoQ10 that is gigantic (300 ug), and a teeny vitamin D in the morning. Four (!!) giant Ovaboost, three large-ish Metformin, and a teeny birth control pill at night. It’s still not causing me much stomach upset, but I don’t feel entirely normal. Hard to know if that’s my non-vegetarian diet, the pills, my waning head cold, the stress of moving, or the combination. I’m not sure I know what normal is under these circumstances!

In other other news, my sister and her husband and my nephew arrive tomorrow for a week of exploration and delight. I’m super excited!


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