I went to the drugstore yesterday to pick up a new set of prenatals, as they were on sale for ‘buy one, get one free’, and I had conveniently just run out.

The cashier told me a story about Dazed and Confused, where the shop clerk cautions the very pregnant woman to ‘eat your greens’ while selling her alcohol and cigarettes (ah the 70s). My cashier must have said ‘eat your greens’ about eight times in this brief anecdote, making me think he was giving me well-meaning but unsolicited advice. Sorry guy, my mantra is ‘eat your meat’ right now.

The drugstore electronic profiler was not as confused – after ringing up my prenatals, it promptly printed me a coupon for tampons. Thanks. I will actually need them, and I get that that has been the pattern for the past three years, but still. Thanks.

I came out feeling 50% discouraged and 50% highly amused, which, for an early Tuesday morning, isn’t half bad!


2 thoughts on “profiling

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m taking it seriously now. 100g+ protein per day, no excuses. Which automatically means cutting some carbs since they just don’t fit in my sad metformined stomach.


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