the tides are turning

I had a skype call with a friend yesterday morning. Usually we chat monthly, but our usual time had been disrupted for a few months, so it had been a while since we spoke.

It was interesting, to reflect back on the past two months. In brief, they were pretty traumatic. IVF, and IVF failure, both hard. A dead computer. A rescinded lease and a move (often still vaunted as the ‘most stressful experience in life’, which I really doubt, but still, it’s not precisely fun). A voluntary-but-forced return to eating meat, which I am struggling with still. Work was stressful in its own way, with my goal to write a fancy-position application completely scuttled by my own ability to avoid writing self-promotion.

April and March weren’t a complete loss. A paper from our group got accepted in a one-word journal. I submitted the paper that had been dogging me since August (finally!!), and it has gone out to review. My parents came for a really lovely visit. But on the whole, they were a pretty low point.

May always looked like the bright spot on the horizon, and so it has been! We unpacked, and realized we really like our new apartment. My sister and brother-in-law and nephew came to stay, and we had some adventures around the city and environs. Lots of tasty food, and sister chats, and some cameos from sea creatures. I may not be E.’s favorite aunt (yet), but by the end of the week he was totally on board with me being part of his life as question-answerer, lego assistant, story reader, and adventure companion. I loved having them come to visit. My younger sister arrived, and after taking the family crew to the airport, I swapped the sheets on the guest bed, and she ensconced herself (and her head cold, poor thing) for the next week. I love having my sisters around, and I love having house guests, so I’m delighted with all of this.

We have some social things on the horizon after a very very quiet few months (my fault-ish, because I’m the one who organizes things in all our friendships, and I just wasn’t present enough to do so). We’re out tonight with some good friends to eat all sorts of different, innovative foods. My first time to such an event as a meat eater, so that might be a silver lining – I can try everything now!

Also in a useful twist, I seem to have been paid at 70% for April by my university, when they should have only paid me for the usual 30% as I still had a month of my fellowship allocated. My new contract started April 15th though, which I think is the reason. I will take an extra half-month’s pay, I will! Really, it can also be seen as me managing to eke my fellowship longer than I needed, but it FEELS like free money.

We’re off to say aloha to the ocean next weekend, and then I’m going to go listen to jazz and eat beignets while presenting at a conference the following weekend. May is busy. May is bright, and filled with family and fun. May is making me feel more like myself.


2 thoughts on “the tides are turning

  1. Haisla

    I’m so glad there are positives to counter-balance the really tough things you’ve been through in the past months. ‘Yay’ to May and for the rest of the year being better!!xx


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