jet lag week!

We are back from an aloha vacation, which was short but very sweet. Filled with tide pools*, volcanos**, hikes, and waterfalls, and one long beach walk and tropical sunset. We snorkeled the morning of our flight home, thus fulfilling the two things we had wanted in the vacation: volcanos and snorkeling.

It was lovely and relaxing and fun and tiring and rejuvenating. We have another four+ days worth of things we wanted to do and didn’t have time for***. So we will go back, probably not this year, and not soon, but that little mighty island chain is a serious delight.

I leave Friday for City of Jazz, so it’s a travel-filled week, and a collective change of five time zones. Jet lagged Lab Monkey is the rule of the day!

* Hawaiian tide pools contain sea turtles and sea cucumbers and tropical fish, thus may well be superior to our hermit crab and anemone filled pools.

**Four volcanos! Only one that is active, though Mauna Loa is ‘waking up’ which is exciting and also terrifying. Not predicted to do anything for another year or so, though what geoscientists are able to predict about volcanos was disturbingly small. Of the one active volcano: “Last month a lava pool appeared at the mouth of the crater, but it sank back down again, and we aren’t really sure where that lava went.”  Um, ok. That’s worrying.

***Summit Mauna Kea! Hike down to South Point and the olivine beach (green sand!). Take a helicopter tour of the crater to see real lava (Pea’s wish). Spend more than three hours on the lovely beaches. Snorkel some of the prime locations, not just the reef off the beach at our hotel (which was amazing, but was scoffed about on some snorkel sites…). Hike more! Snuggle more! Eat more lychees and pineapples! More! (I do not wish to be home)


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