I am in the town of thrown beads and gator bites. It is great, and filled with science as well. Also flash flood warnings, and it was indeed torrential this afternoon, but I saw no floods, so that is good.

Our cab driver last night: “Are you guys microbiologists? There are three conferences in town, but I profiled you out of the social justice one.”  HA!

Our hotel faces a bar with constant pounding bass and intermittent bros piling into the street to yell such pithy and enlightening statement such as “Yo! YOOOOO!” and “WHAT? BRO, NO, WHAT?”. Additional accessories include police lights and small siren bips. The hotel staff assures us the bar is closed tonight and tomorrow. They also gave us free breakfast for tomorrow, after I stood there and plaintively just kept repeating “but it was so loud. and for so long. are you sure it will not happen tonight? I have to give a talk tomorrow, it cannot happen tonight.” I wasn’t angling for free breakfast, I was just upset and really tired. Free breakfast mollified me enough to turn off my broken record of addled complaints, but I shall not be staying here again (they are otherwise lovely, so it’s a shame all around).

My talk is tomorrow! I think it will be ok. Or it will be twice as long as it should be. Hard to know. Fun for all, either way?

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