sleepy face

The combination of crossing ten time zones, in four hops, in two weeks has not been a kind one. I am sleeeeepy. But I am home now for the next three weeks or so, and have had lovely adventures, so am happy.

The conference went well. I serendipitously decided to clear some email things the morning of my talk, which included signing an author release form for the newly accepted article. Which proceeded to go public on the journal website two hours before I gave a talk to ~250 people on its contents.  Timing!

The talk went well. I like giving talks. I ran massively out of time somehow – got too comfortable, I think, but got through the important bits, and I hope did not sound like a runaway train as I condensed the last vignette into a summary. I got a lot of feedback and questions, all positive. The words “you crushed that” were offered to me the next day, by two people, separately, who I have never met before. I felt strong and muscular, and pleased.

City of Voodoo and Jazz has many ghost tours. I spent a summer as a tour guide for a ghost tour company when in my undergrad, so I was tempted to take one to compare notes. It’s funny how the things that sometimes seem like a diversion or off-course can end up being some of the most valuable experience you gather. While I was 20, tromping around Town of Royals in a cape, brandishing a candle-lit lantern and trying to scare the pants off families, I certainly didn’t think I was honing skills that would help define my success in science. It all connects though, because people, no matter the topic, like stories.


One thought on “sleepy face

  1. Turia

    I am always tempted by the ghost tours in cities too! Not an E.-friendly activity at the moment, but hopefully in a few years…


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