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I had a weekend, a real, lazy weekend filled with sleep and time with friends (skype and in person), tasty food, and a solid workout. The first such weekend in about eight, what with moves, and house guests, and travel. I feel much better – last week I was running on empty post-conference. Sleep deprived and mentally shot, now I am rested and motivated and clear headed.

Weekend included prep for a friend’s baby shower next weekend, followed sports-game-watching hangout with two couples, both voluminously pregnant. The inevitable discussions of pregnancy body pillows and sharing of 3D ultrasounds. Came home, idly clicked on facebook, for three birth announcements. I’m ok with where we are, but honestly, that was a bit much for an afternoon.

My insurance has only processed four ultrasounds from the IVF cycle thus far (nine weeks post cycle). The clinic hasn’t told me how much they actually billed yet (I just nudged them again). So I’m not sure if we should go the insurance or the out-of-pocket route for the FET – it might be more expensive if the insurance hits its max, as they bill about double if insured.

I mailed taxes to Canuckia land, which have so far not been received (six weeks and counting). I renewed my drivers license online, which has also so far not been received (seven weeks and counting).

From the three last points, I have lost all faith in paperwork and large institutions. Though there was not that much to lose.

Lab book update: In deeply happy news, I am, for the first time in about three weeks, not on my period(!!!). Let the FET cycle begin! I have estrogen patches to replenish and gradually increase in number, and nightly lupron shots. It’s still quite civilized, and I feel fine. Very sore from the above-mentioned workout, but otherwise fine.

One thought on “points general

  1. Turia

    I am glad you finally had a chance for a relaxing and fun weekend- much deserved!

    We went to a birthday party two weekends ago for one of E’s friends, and 90% of the conversation was STILL about babies and pregnancy because of the other mothers there, one was heavily pregnant with her second, one had just had her second, and two more had seconds who were just under and just over a year respectively. The other friend there with only one looked equally shell shocked. Some days it just seems never-ending.

    GOOD luck with the FET! Full steam ahead!


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