system 1 and system 2

I am reading “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. It’s fascinating, discussing the different ways we make judgements, assess risks, and handle day to day tasks like walking or multiplying 17×24. (spoiler – we are terrible at approaching first two with logic or statistics, and if you try to walk and do that problem, you’ll stop walking).

It’s been especially interesting because I’m writing a grant right now, and for weeks that action, ‘writing a grant’, has consisted of thinking about the grant, sitting down, opening the file, reading three words and then clicking on something (anything) else. Kahneman makes clear that it takes mental effort to engage the slow thinking aspects of your brain. Somehow knowing that makes it easier to DO that.

I’m eight pages in and I started writing on Monday. I hope to have this part of it done by end of day tomorrow, so I can move to the companion grant begging money for instruments.

Lab book update – For some reason the lupron shots have been hurting a lot the past three days. Possibly I’m running out of space for new injections? Possibly the insulin needles I got from the pharmacy are not as sharp? Possibly I am tired and my mental fortitude is lower? I’m going to start icing again. Also, now I am so acclimatized to taking metformin that if I accidentally skip a dose, my stomach gets upset. What a weird drug.

One thought on “system 1 and system 2

  1. thecommonostrich

    It is funny how we have to “train our brains.” I’m not sure if the two are synonymous, but I’ve made it a point to make myself do “deep thinking” activities, like reading long form (rather than BuzzFeed) or meditation. It’s actually REALLY hard sometimes!

    Good luck with the grant writing!


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