conversations with Pea, part the next

Last night, while watching a show wherein a group of men who have been lewdly insulting the one woman in their party beat the snot out of some men who lewdly insult her.

Pea: “Yah! See, I can insult you, but no one else can insult you!”

Me: “When have you ever insulted me? Ooh, you should try! Insult me!”

Pea: looks awkward and uncomfortable “Never! I would never insult you!”

Me: “No, silly, give it a try, I want to see your face. Tell me… my nose is too long!”

Pea: now beet red and looking even more awkward “Your nose is… your nose is pretty! I like your nose!” relieved, he hugs me.

Love this man.

Tomorrow is a baby shower for a friend of mine. She is throwing her own so in horror I demanded that I be in charge of the cake. So now three layers of a carrot cake and 36 cupcakes are festooning my kitchen counters. Cream cheese icing and butter cream frosting to come. More than I bargained for, perhaps, but 40 people is a lot of people to have cake for!

I’ve drawn some onesies for her little girl: they are not very girly, but I like them!
photo (1)

Lab book update – estrogen patches, metformin, and lupron shots. Fairly routine, but I’m not sure where I’m going to fit four estrogen patches come Monday…


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