FET #1, appointment #1

The FET cycle continues! We had the ‘sign all the things’ and ‘let’s look at your lining and ovaries’ appointment yesterday which all went well. Ovaries dormant (phew, I was worried about cysts, as per usual). Uterus prepped, with a 10.1 mm lining, nicely trilaminar. Pronounced “lovely”.

My last lupron shot is tonight, and I start progesterone tomorrow, and start dwindling the number of estrogen patches too. So I guess today is my synthetic ovulation day. Hurray?

I’ll have to do the first two progesterone shots myself, as I’m out of town without Pea. Ladies who have done this – suggestions welcome. I’ll ice the area, and I’m not worried about needles, but it’s an awkward spot to get to. The RN suggested I sit down for it – easier to crane around.

Again, until our slow-growing, poor quality little blast makes it through the thaw, I’m not going to give this FET much of my mental energy. If it does, it’s as good as any blast out there, and I’ll invest in this cycle.

Insurance billing and payment for our IVF cycle isn’t processed yet (sigh), so we had to guess as to whether billing insurance or paying the reduced out of pocket rate would be cheaper – our best guess was that we’ve probably maxed our coverage, so we paid out of pocket. And so it begins, I cannot help but feel. The decisions about things we can afford but that are exorbitant, and that other people get for free.

4 thoughts on “FET #1, appointment #1

  1. Turia

    So transfer is Tuesday? I will be thinking of you and that blast.

    Good luck with the shots- I was never able to summon the courage to do them myself. The rare time Q. was away I went into the clinic and had a nurse do it.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Transfer is on Wednesday afternoon, so that’ll be day 6 for a day 6 embryo? I guess it all makes sense. Then a beta on Monday July 6th.
      It turns out they are not so bad, the shots! Awkward, but not worse than a subcu shot, it seems. Once you are through the original poke, there aren’t any nerves, so it doesn’t keep hurting.

  2. Haisla

    Go lovely trilaminar uterus, go!!!

    Re: PIO shots, I haven’t got personal experience of them (having only used suppositories in the past), but have read many a blog post about them and made mental notes for future reference. I seem to remember people saying that icing had caused the process to be more painful and lumpy as the oil congealed due to the cold – heating up the area was an alternative solution offered..

    Re: self-injecting, some had had their loved ones draw a few chosen ‘target areas’ on the bottom, to help prevent injecting twice in the same spot. I cannot even imagine what position would be the easiest for this feat; I think it’ll take some level of acrobatics in any case. : ) Good luck!!!!xx

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Haisla! I’m glad that things look ok on my end – now the blast just has to make it through thaw. Thanks also for the tip on heat vs. cold – we iced last night and it was awful today – tried without ice, and some heat tonight to see if it will be better.
      How are you doing? I hope your holiday is going brilliantly – a change of scene and pace?


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