airport update

I am sitting in the airport in Large But Boring city in the Canadian west, on my way home to Quirky Hilly city. I’ve only been gone since Friday morning, so it was a very quick trip – my father was being honoured with a ceremonial position with his old regiment, so I flew out for the pomp and circumstance. It was obvious how pleased my dad was that one of us could make it, and it was nice to get to have a father’s day breakfast with him this morning.

The trip was fun, and I hadn’t seen a military parade in ages. I met some nice people, some of whom remember me from when I was born, or 11 years old, the last times we lived this far west. Others are the new up-and-comers in the regiment, with their wives (the wives being an integral part of why these folk are up and comers). It is a funny life. It is a life I led, but peripherally, being too young to understand regiment politics, and then too disinterested as a teenager, only ever dabbling in events at the base when visiting my father. So it was interesting to get that perspective – how families live and function in the constant turmoil of the military. One couple conceived twins on a week leave, and they were born 28 days before their dad returned from Afghanistan. The wife was alone her entire pregnancy, and on bed rest for eleven weeks of it. Even when some aspects are easy, parenting and pregnancy are never an easy ride.

While gone, I started progesterone shots. I was a bit worried about giving one to myself, but it was a serious non-event. If anything, they hurt less than the lupron shots had been (I swear the pharmacy needles were much less sharp than those from the mail-order company!).  I’m going to make Pea do the rest because it is an awkward angle and I like him to be involved in this, but if I had to do them myself from here on in, it would be fine.

I’m also on medrol now, which may have contributed to my restless nights the past two days – but unfamiliar hotel room, mild jet lag, and concern I would sleep through my alarm were the more likely culprits (MUST be on time for military events. Better to be 5 min early, because everyone else is too). Medrol tastes awful! I’m swallowing the pill within seconds of putting it in my mouth, and it leaves behind a truly disgusting grapefruit-style bitter flavour, which sticks around unless I brush my teeth and give my tongue a good going-over with the brush! Unexpected. I took it on the fly on Saturday, so I was left with the aftertaste for a good long while!  Whoops.

I’m tired and a bit hung over, so I’ll end this here, and go find an exorbitantly priced cup of airport tea!


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