Transfer was today, and all went smoothly. Our one little blast made it through the thaw, and was deposited in perfect position in my perfect lining. So we shall see.

I’m not at any risk of a valium addiction – it makes me spinny, and then I napped for a good chunk of the afternoon. My clinic requests 24 hours of mostly sedentary, and then 24 further hours of still mostly sedentary, but back to a more normal routine barring you working in a high impact job, so I will work from home tomorrow and then resume normal life on Friday (transfer was this afternoon).

Conversation, just now, with Pea, home from a feast of Indian food with some friends:
Pea: How are you feeling?
Me: A little bloaty, otherwise I’m ok.
Pea: Me too. Also, I meant emotionally.
Me: Oh. Umm, detached? I’ve been SO hopeful some cycles, and tired and sad other cycles, and SO mad some cycles. This cycle I’ve just been checking the boxes and I’m really not worried about it.
Pea: Yes, plus most of the things seem much less foreign now – needles, appointments, all the pills, just seems more like day to day rather than a big deal.
Me: Yes. It’s just… pulls out photo of embryo

photo (3)

Me: This is SUCH an ugly embryo.
Pea: Yes, it is kinda uneven and weird looking. I didn’t ask how it was graded today.
Me: The thing is, implantation rates for 3bb are just as good as 5aa blasts, as long as they make it through thaw. So it maybe doesn’t matter? But still….
Pea: I was thinking about it, because you know when you make albums of baby’s first picture, or when they go to elementary school? This will be such an ugly baby picture! There is so much scope for teasing! It will be great.
Me: It is so ugly! We can’t put it in a photo album. But you know we will.
Pea: Well, obviously.

5 thoughts on “PUPO

  1. Haisla

    Congrats on your PUPO status!!! I will cross all of my extremities for this little embryo. P.s. your exchange with Pea made me chuckle out loud. Thankfully I was still at home and not public transport on my way to work. Sending tons of baby dust your way.xx

  2. rainbowgoblin

    I love the picture! So much better than an ultrasound for a first picture. I’m thinking of you lots, and hoping I get to see it in the album.


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