oh right, progesterone

The classic symptom of progesterone, once you are adjusted to the sleepies, is constipation. So much so that my clinic and my doctor and my medical info sheet with the prescription describe ways to attempt to relieve this issue.

Not a problem, my friends! Once again, progesterone has converted my gut into a .. ok, I had about four different descriptors, but they were all super disgusting in variously hilarious ways. Let’s just say my gut is having the exact opposite problem, enthusiastically.

Might be a long two weeks, though it was going to be already.

However, love is love, and equality has taken a big step today, and that makes me very happy. Also Pride in Hilly Quirky City is this weekend and this ruling means the whole city will lose its rainbow mind, and I am so pleased.


One thought on “oh right, progesterone

  1. rainbowgoblin

    Constipation is apparently a real issue in pregnancy as well, presumably also because of progesterone. It’s weird how some of us react differently, I was definitely more regular while pregnant.


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