red, white, and true

Happy Canada Day! Hurrah for the true north strong and free!

I’m at work, but as I will be on vacation as of tomorrow I don’t feel too bad about missing this holiday. I brought red and white Lindt chocolates into lab to be celebratory, and have been roundly cursed for providing such temptations. Next time I will eat them myself, jeez.

In cycle news, my interior appears to be flummoxed. No idea if it is from the arrival of a new inhabitant, the many pounds of fruit we’ve been consuming (Pea having bought gigantic flats of strawberries, blueberries, and a watermelon with only three days before we are on a road trip), or general side effects of progesterone. I’m bloaty and stretched and somewhat achey through the lower abdomen.

I am trying, SO HARD, to avoid symptom spotting. So much so that I used mouthwash this morning to prevent me from being able to decide if my mouth was oddly dry or not. Desperation measures, my friends. Luckily this weekend of hiking and touristing and relaxing should provide tons of distraction, and then my blood test is on Monday, which will be 12dp5dt (or 6dt? it was frozen day 6).


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