conversations with Pea, part the next

Pea has been downright fantastic the past few days. He’s always fantastic, but someone slipped a silly pill in his juice, I think.


I walk into the bathroom to find Pea hunched over the trash can, vigorously shaking a rock.
Me: Whatcha doing?
Pea: This rock is full of sand!
Me: oh, one of the volcanic ones from Hawai’i?
Pea: Yes. I didn’t realize it had so much in it. I would have saved the sand if I had known.
Me: …. Saved it?
Pea: Yes! It is such nice sand, but only if there is lots.
Me: What would we need sand for?
Pea: … …. you know, to have sand! We could make a tiny beach.
Pea: This rock is a lot lighter now.


Me: Goodnight Pea, sleep well. I am going to read for a bit.
Pea: Goodnight, lab monkey.
I roll over and click on my kindle. Two pages later…
Pea: mermph, ermph, urmph     scootching waaaaaay over in the bed to my side, to wrap around me
Me: Are you not sleepy?
Pea: Oh, hello!     tone of surprised discovery


Me: If we travel to Switzerland, you are not allowed to have an affair with my good friend.   I was reading a book in which this happens. I often demand specific plot points not happen with Pea.
Pea: Ok.
Me: I would be upset.
Pea: Well, you will just have to tell me who your good friends are.
Me: … … I would like to revise my earlier statement.


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