Peeking over the horizon

Out my window: the one-day-waned blue moon, looming large over my apartment.

On my laptop: Open and largely empty files for the companion grant I keep convincing myself I’m going to sit down and write. I need someone to give me a due date. One of you, even. Someone. This no due date nonsense is ruining me.

On my lab server: the big project I’m working on, running, finally, after weeks of delays.

In my bedroom: a large cardboard box full of syringes and pills.

In my fridge: seven boxes of FSH injection pens.

Next week, everything becomes very real. Lupron injections start. Meetings with my boss about this project ramp up. I leave for a conference, and a weekend away with Pea.

So I am off to finish reading the fifth in a ridiculous young adult series that I have been devouring this week (the Mortal Instruments), and catch some sleep.


2 thoughts on “Peeking over the horizon

  1. Turia

    What about by the time of the transfer? So you can get the grant application and the IVF done at the same time and you have something else to focus on during the IVF, and you have a hard deadline?

    I am obviously happy to look over the application, if you want, when you write it.


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