Rest in silico peace

Only because I have talked about them so much here:

My Sim died on Thursday, along with about eight of Pea’s other Sims. His Sims are an alarming parody of our current aging Baby Boomer populace.

Pea noticed his Sim was about to die, so set him a long task (growing a hamburger tree, naturally), but that task eventually was completed, and the two of us watched the Grim Reaper escort him away on Friday night.

It wasn’t a sad moment: the Grim Reaper in this game is hilarious. He’d been hanging out watching TV with a toddler earlier, I guess because so many of Pea’s Sims have been dying, it wasn’t worth his time to leave.

This whole story line was definitely geeky, I know. If you hadn’t caught this before, Pea’s a bit of a geek. I’m the kid who once wrote a two-page Dr. Suess-style poem about molecular evolution, so who am I to demand normalcy?

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