IVF#2 appointment 1

Today was baseline ultrasound day! What fun.

Pea and I marched off this morning, to find out the following:

  1. You can spend $14,000 in three minutes, it’s not even that hard to do.
  2. My blood pressure has not yet been affected by my “all the meat and fat” diet, at a low-ish 106/64.
  3. Related – finding a vein can be tricky with low blood pressure. Eventual success.
  4. My ovaries are nicely down-regulated. Last time there were no resting follicles to be seen, they were so small (which later delayed everything as they responded slowly). This time they were hanging out as little blips: 15 on the left, and 14 on the right. An expectedly large bumper crop. No cysts, which is the only thing I was worried about.

I’m waiting for a confirmation that my estrogen is low, and then tomorrow I will start FSH and lower my Lupron dose by half. Appointments next week on Tuesday (bloods) and Thursday (bloods and ultrasound), and after that it ramps up.

So. Onwards. I am physically feeling fine, though the lupron makes my lower abdomen bloat a bit. Its side-effects can be pretty dramatically bad, so a bit of bloat is not much to complain about. I’m mentally cranky and tired, but that is mostly a by-product of a very busy conference earlier this week. I have hope for this cycle, but for some reason I think it’ll be a FET that works. We’ll see, I think it is a bit dangerous to hope too hard or have expectations of a miraculous change in my response/egg quality. I do though, a little, have those expectations, so will have to find a way to mediate them in the next two weeks.


2 thoughts on “IVF#2 appointment 1

  1. Haisla

    Oh, I have hope for you.. but can understand your desire for moderation at this stage. I’m really hoping your meat and fat diet will have made a difference!! 15 and 14 resting follicles sounds promising..x

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks Haisla! I’m hopeful, and I’m glad I actually HAD resting follicles this time. Last time after four days of stims my estrogen was still below 10! Over-suppressed, I think.


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