I think I know better

Ultrasound # 1 for stimmed ovaries, and no glaring surprises, so that is excellent. My ovaries continue to FEEEL, in a solidly more uncomfortable way, but my pants still fit and standing up does not need to be done gingerly, so I know more is to come.

Ultrasound showed at least 24 little follicles percolating away, with my left ovary dominated by 9’s and 11’s, and my right ovary, which is ALWAYS pokey (why?) dominated by 7s and 8s. Lining was at 6.9 mm. So this all seems good to me, and on track for a retrieval in the window they’d given me (next Tues-Sat). Ideally this will be earlier, as we have house guests arriving on Saturday who I don’t know*. Pea and I are great at scheduling, we swear.

The doctor, who was the doctor for monitoring during my last week of my last cycle (so I saw him almost daily) said “all looks good, a little slow just like last time.” To which I say, no. I mean, maybe this IS still slow compared to the norm, but it’s not as slow as last time.

Last time on cycle day 8 (I’m day 9 today):

March 11, cd 8: E2 = 190. Ultrasound: uterine lining: 5 mm, trilaminar. Ovaries: R: 5 @ 7mm, 2 @ 6mm. L: 2@7mm, 5@6mm, 2@<6mm.

My E2 was 277 on Tuesday, cycle day 7. I can only imagine it is well above that now**. My lining is thicker, and I have at least three follicles at 10-11. Maybe these are not big differences, maybe they expect something more in the lines of 12-13 at this stage? I will find out my E2 and the plan moving forward later today. I’m not worried about it though, I think this all looks fine. Slow is better for PCOS ‘they’ say, and at least I don’t have any fast-growing monsters who would scuttle the whole event.

Also, yesterday I submitted the draft of my grant – the first draft for the grant, and the second draft for the application that it accompanies. I also finished a paper review, and got an email from a collaborator in which they had misread some timelines, and the six pages they needed by Monday will not be needed until mid-September. My to do list is much relieved. A paper review today, and a paragraph to the collaborator, and I will be nearly in control of things again.

* Pea’s cousin, her boyfriend, and her boyfriends’ brothers. Only two are staying with us, but it’s for a week. Though they have a trip to Unbelievably Gorgeous Park planned for the work week, and are a big enough group to just send off to do/see things. Also Pea has been upfront about knowing he’ll probably have to do more squiring about than usual, I’m the typical tour guide in our dynamic.

** Edit post-phone call from clinic – E2 at 878. So really, this is a lot further forward, more like my cycle day 11 or 12 last time.


2 thoughts on “I think I know better

  1. Turia

    Look at you! WAY before retrieval and you got it done! I’m super impressed. (And happy to look at it if you want another pair of eyes, although admittedly not sciencey ones…)

    That all looks good to me. Hope those ovaries keep on FEELING in a good way.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Yes, I was pushing to get ‘er done because of new deadlines that had arisen for other things. However, it seems there is a large issue with the grant, so it may need to partially return to the drawing board. We shall see!
      They feeeeeel! Oh how they feel. 🙂


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