conversations with Pea, on ovaries

Me: My ovaries FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL. exaggerated pouty face
Pea: What can I do? Would you like an ovary massage?
Me: …. that sounds like the worst thing in the world. But thank you.

I wander into the office, to smooch a video-game-playing Pea goodnight.
Me: I am all bloaty. Look at my abdomen, it is so bloaty!
Pea: Well, you keep sticking things in there! (injections) You really should not be so surprised.
Me: Hrumph.

In actual cycle news, I went for ultrasound #2 today – all the follicles grew, rather a lot – lead follicle is now 14 mm, and the others are mostly in the 9-12 range. I’m to come in tomorrow to make sure they are not shooting up too quickly, but am to stay on the same doses. This is now decidedly faster than last time, looking like cycle day 14 when I am cycle day 11. I have no idea if this is good or bad or unimportant, but it is different, and we need a different result than last time, so I am content.
Also, if I project forward, this may be a Monday trigger for a Wednesday retrieval, or one day later for both. Hopefully we’ll have an estimate tomorrow, so we can plan our work around it!

2 thoughts on “conversations with Pea, on ovaries

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Thanks! I will take all the luck that comes my way!
      It feels like I am running out of room in my abdomen a bit – but I am oddly calm. It helps that things look a lot like last time, so I can guess at what to expect. I was really wound up at this time last cycle because everything was going slowly and I was worried about every little thing.


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