spin me right round

Well, things continue to develop. In my abdomen. Which is now visibly bloated, but Pea has reassured me that it is really not that bad and largely in my head.

Clinic visits Saturday, Sunday, and this morning – follicles are percolating merrily along. My lead follicle is 19 mm, and there are now twelve at or above 14 mm, so we are getting CLOSE. My estrogen is high – 3500 yesterday, so my gonalF dose got lowered yesterday to keep it from skyrocketing.

I spent yesterday dizzy. Unless my stomach was completely full, I was spinny and light-headed. I mentioned it to the ultrasound Dr. this morning, but given I feel much better today, she wasn’t too concerned. I’m glad I feel better, the spins were worrying and also quite detrimental to any attempt to get work done (and with 27 emails from my boss in a three hour span yesterday…. work does need to get done. Perfect timing for me to be on the hot plate. Hurrah.)

So the remaining question is am I triggering tonight or tomorrow? I prefer tomorrow for two reasons: 1) it gives me Wednesday to get some sh*t done, as this week is monstrous, unexpectedly, and 2) it gives the other ~18 follicles time to catch up. A heap of them are in the 12-13 range, so another day and they really would be ready. Triggering tonight would be pushing it for them.  However, if my estrogen has plateaued or jumped WAY up, triggering will be the order of the day, and I’ll make it work, and what eggs we get are what eggs we get.

I’m trying really really hard not to freak out about estrogen and looming OHSS again, and mostly failing. I’ve been so calm and relaxed about this cycle, but I am fearful of OHSS, I am. And once again, I check all the boxes (many follicles, young, thin, high E2, HcG trigger). I’m really hoping my Dr. decides to have me use 3300 or 5000 units of HcG rather than 10,000 – it would relieve some worry. I had this many follicles last time, and this estrogen level, and I used 10,000 units HcG though, and I definitely had mild OHSS, but nothing more. I’ve already bought gatorade, and will pick up some salty and proteiny things tonight to have on hand, to begin eating immediately once these follicles are ruptured and leaky. Gah.


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