doing drugs in my office

The word of the day is trigger!

My estrogen jumped to 4650, which is toooooo high to keep stimming. So I’m to trigger tonight, and retrieval will be Wednesday morning. Do I wish I had more than 1/3 of my follicles above 14 mm? Yes. Is 12 still a totally respectable number? Yes. So we shall see.

I am now even more worried about OHSS, because that is a high estrogen, my friends. High. Plus I am to trigger with both 10,000 units of Hcg AND 450 units of gonalF. A super-trigger, as you will.

My meeting went long, and ended thirty minutes before I was meant to do my lupron shot. Which I had gone home to get after the conversation with the nurse on the 5% chance I might need it (15% chance today was trigger x 30% chance my meeting would be late/long). So I just injected myself with drugs in my office (it was going to be a public restroom, but everyone has gone home and I risked it). An interesting classy level to hit today, shooting up in my office.

If this sounds a bit rattled and odd, it’s because I am feeling rushed and rattled and odd. The hormones are making me super panicky, so it’s really hard to figure out what my baseline emotion actually is. I think this still all looks good or at least fine. Sure, I had 22 eggs at 14mm+ last time, for a total of 25 mature eggs in the end, but they were ALL SHITTY. Maybe 12 eggs at 14 mm+ will mean fewer eggs, but if even some of them are high quality, that’s a hugely different result. The next four to seven days will tell, and the panic right now is solely hormone driven, I’m pretty sure.

So now that I’ve done my drugs, I’m heading home. Happy Monday, all.


2 thoughts on “doing drugs in my office

  1. Turia

    I hate it when things go too quickly too. Even though we are so not in control of this process, I hate the unexpected.

    Holy emails from your boss, Batman! Sorry everything is crushed into this week. That is a barrel of stress you don’t need.

    I know OHSS is scary, but Gatorade is good. Really really good. Just keep chugging it. It made a huge difference for me.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Update when you can.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I have gatorade a-plenty, and will dutifully chug away!
      My main goal right now is to stay focused on this not being a numbers game. It’s not, it only takes one, and I have no idea what is ‘good’ or ‘right’ here. Just need to make it to tomorrow morning and then it is out of my hands!


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