retrieved, relieved

I’m back home from the egg retrieval this morning. Everything ran slow, but once I was sent in to the retrieval room things seemed to go smoothly. I mean, maybe not, I was unconscious, but no one seemed all that worried once I was awake again. I’m sore, but not terribly so.

25 eggs, which is on par from last time (26), though last time they had only ever measured 22 follicles, and this time the final count had been 32. Some were teensy, or maybe some were empty, that happens.

It doesn’t matter. My nurse this morning was saying I had such a huge number of follicles and that that was great. I don’t think it’s great, or bad. It’s not a numbers game for me this time, it’s a quality game. And we just need one.

I ran into my nurse on the way out of the building, and she popped out the door to give me a hug, and wish me well. She followed up a with an email clarifying if I am to continue my CoQ10 supplements (no) and metformin (yes, til a pregnancy test). I replied, and apologized for being kind of out of it when we saw each other. Her reply: “of course you were out of it, you were on drugs! Why are you on email? Go, relax, eat, and rest!”. So that is what I’m off to do, doctor’s orders.


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