so far, so good

Fertilization report is in – 25 eggs, 21 mature (!!), and 17 fertilized.

So that is many more mature than I had hoped, and about as good a fertilization as we had last time (19 of 25).

Again, my mantra – it is not a numbers game. However, it IS in that if we had ended up with less than 5 fertilized eggs, I’d be a bit distraught despite myself.

Also, I feel much better today. Still sore through the abdomen, but much less bloated, and in MUCH better shape than one-day-post-retrieval last time, where sitting up was still very uncomfortable and I spent much of the day lying down. I’m working from home so as to not exert myself, but I’m feeling mostly normal. Lean protein, salty foods, and gatorade remain the order of the day because it can’t hurt to stave off OHSS fluid collection in the early days, if it is going to rear its ugly head.


2 thoughts on “so far, so good

  1. Turia

    This is a GOOD result. I know you need to see what they are doing on Day 3, but this is a good start.
    SO good to chat to you today. Keep chugging that Gatorade!


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