Can I interest you in an apartment? 9 month lease, comes with food.

We did a day three transfer today, of two embryos. I got the call confirming the appointment was a go, and my heart sank. Not again, not such terrible quality that we cannot push to day 5, not after all we have tried.

Not so! Dramatic improvement. Though I would much rather even MORE improvement, I cannot say this looks the same, not at all.

My clinic grades embryos by number of cells (even numbers preferred), fragmentation (1-5, 1-2 is preferred), and symmetry (scale seems to be 1-3 where 1 is best).

To push to blast on day 5, they want at least 6 embryos with more than 6 cells (6-8 ideal), and fragmentations scores of 1 or 2. I think symmetry plays into it, but I’m not sure how.

A recap from last time, at this same stage. 19 fertilized embryos. Exactly zero met the criteria. Two were borderline (right cell # (though both odd), fragmentation of 3. We transferred both of those at day 3, BFN). One of the other not-even-borderline ones became our FET blastocyst (CP).

This time: 17 fertilized embryos. 5 meet that criteria (only one is uneven in cell #), and a further 5 are borderline (6-8 cells, all with fragmentation of 3, 2 with odd cell numbers). We transferred two 8 cell embryos – one was an 8-1-1, and one was an 8-2-1. The 8-1-1 had begun to compact, in prep for becoming a morula (next stage in embryogenesis).

Am I happy we did a day 3 transfer? No. The doctor who did the transfer said we were right on the border for pushing to day 5 – if it was our first cycle, he would have said we should push forward but given how poorly our last cycle had worked out, he wanted to be safe and transfer some good healthy ones today. I appreciate that, and will keep my fingers crossed some of the other good-to-moderate embryos continue developing. And also that my uterus can take down its ‘for rent’ sign in two weeks.  We’ll see, their credit check hasn’t come through yet.


4 thoughts on “Can I interest you in an apartment? 9 month lease, comes with food.

  1. Turia

    I have said this to you already, but this is such a huge improvement. I’m so excited for you!

    Did you get a picture of them? I love the pictures and my clinic never did them.

    My friend over at Good Egg Hatched has told me that a lot of the top clinics really like day 3 transfers. And there are a ton of success stories out there. And hopefully some of yours will keep trucking along and you’ll get some frosties.

    But most of all, I am hoping that for rent sign comes down.

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I’m still quite pleased, which isn’t how I was feeling between getting the call that we were transferring and getting the embryo report! We technically didn’t meet their cut-offs for pushing to blast, but it was pretty clear the embryologist thought we’d end up with a frostie – they kept talking about calling to let us know how many made it to blast, while last time they said ‘we’ll call and let you know if any of these make it’ in a tone of voice that added the word ‘miraculously’ at the end. The picture is awful, I sent it to you, but I’ll put it up here too eventually.
      This space has been for rent for too long! I’m excited to be back in a tww looking for a tenant.

  2. Haisla

    Yay!! Snuggle in embies and make yourselves at home. It sounds like a luxury set-up, food on tap and all. Crossing my fingers for you!!!xx


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