conversations with Pea: shots shots shots!

Me: Thank you for giving me my shot!
Pea: You are welcome, but really, you are the one getting a shot.
Me: Yes, but I would find it so much harder to give you a needle than to be the one who gets the shot.
Pea: Well, yeah!
Me: … That is why I am thanking you!
Pea: It would be so hard to give me a shot! I would scream and run around and hide.
Me: laughing Our apartment is not that big! Where would you hide?
Pea: Behind the curtains!
Me: Just how bad at looking do you think I am?

Pea is adorable. He would HATE getting daily needles. I don’t love them, but I don’t really care. It is better this way.

In other news, I feel mostly normal now, and am back to my pre-stims weight, so early OHSS seems to be a waning possibility. I have felt much better much earlier post-retrieval this cycle. The high protein diet? Just the vagaries of reactions to hormones? A defter hand with the egg retrieval suction-needle? I have no idea, but am happy.


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