Popsicle toes

Clinic called – 4 blastocysts were frozen!  Four!

One day 5 3bb, one day 6 4bb, and two day 6 5bbs. Our FET in June was a day 6 3bb, so these are all technically higher quality than the only one we had from our original cycle, which while borderline quality, did manage to implant.

I am very pleased. I’m blown away by the 5’s – hatching embryos! Our embryos, hatching! That’s crazy.

Maybe it is too much for me to ever expect an A rating, but as a life-long obnoxious straight-A student, I admit I would have loved to have one in a slightly higher quality range. However, mostly I am just blown away and thrilled.

As I said to my sister, this takes a lot of pressure off the two currently in residence – and off me. Embryos don’t like a desperate uterus, now mine can play it cool.


2 thoughts on “Popsicle toes

  1. Haisla

    This is excellent news!!! I’m so glad your hard work (in terms of changing your diet etc.) paid off so handsomely!!xx


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