gonal-f up for grabs

This is a bit of a long shot, but I find myself with a fridge full of gonal-f pens. I’d hate for them to go to waste given how expensive these medications can be. Because of our ‘frozen peeps’, as Pea calls them, even if I’m not pregnant right now, I won’t get to these before we move and/or they expire (and obviously I rather hope we won’t have to do another cycle!)

I have great prescription coverage, so they cost me about $10/pen. I’d be happy to send them to someone (in the US only, sorry) for the cost of shipping. Which I think might be mildly illegal, but I’m willing to risk it.

I don’t think any of my regular readers are entering a new cycle, but maybe you know someone who is?

Here’s what I have:

3 300 IU/0.5 mL gonal-f RFF redi-ject pens, full, unopened, expire April 2016

2 450 IU/0.75 mL gonal-F RFF rediject-pens, full, unopened, expire Jan 2017

1 opened 450 IU gonal-f pen, with ~100 IU remaining.

All come with the needle tips for use (6 per pen).


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