here we go (again?)

Beta today was 91. So I am, as suspected, pregnant. It’s borderline though. My clinic wants about 150 for 14dp3dt, and I’m at 91 for 13dp3dt. My nurse has me going back on Monday, at which point it really needs to have doubled (more, if I’m to be comfortable with this). She suggested cautious optimism.

I am happy I am pregnant, I really am. But I have been positive I’m pregnant for about five days now, with symptoms wavering yesterday (which plunged me into a blue funk). I really wanted a nice strong result today, and instead find myself in cautious beta waters. As Pea put it, as long as it’s not on its way down, we’ve got a shot.

However, this is the highest beta we’ve ever had, so there is, for right now, at least that.


4 thoughts on “here we go (again?)

  1. Haisla

    Oh man, I was really hoping you’d get a reassuringly high beta number this time.
    But as Ostrich puts it, you are pregnant. And as you say, it is the highest first beta you’ve had. So far, so good. Another case of ‘one day at a time’. Just know, I’m rooting for you.xx


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