wait weight don’t tell me

I have either gotten better at waiting, or more accepting of purgatory – I am feeling relatively calm about waiting for the beta on Monday. I still feel pregnant, and my boobs have about doubled in size in the past three days, so that’s something. I’m also sleeping terribly so I’m obviously not entirely calm. This is, in fact, one of the more stressful months, September, even putting aside any fertility things. So I’m writing here and then will work a bit, to see if getting something done will help with my sleep.**

I usually weigh myself weekly, on Saturday mornings. We have a scale, I like numbers, and it’s frequent enough to be useful but not so frequent as to promote unhealthy reactions. I started this cycle, day 1, about two pounds up from my usual hanging-about weight. By retrieval, I was bloated and grumpy, up another three.While on OHSS watch, I was weighing myself twice daily, dropping slowly back to my day 1 weight. Today, after a week or so hiatus from the constant weighing, I find myself down eight pounds from that high water mark. Eight. Which is down five from day 1, and down three from my comfortable weight. I am sure this is not ideal. I am also sure most of this is/was drug-related and drug-controlled, and there may be little I can do about it.

I am interpreting this to mean I am (a) granted license to eat however many cupcakes I please and (b) not at any immediate risk of later-stage OHSS (the window for which is almost closed, I think).

** I also react in complete opposite fashions to most progesterone side-effects. It gives me the runs, and insomnia. So weird.


4 thoughts on “wait weight don’t tell me

  1. Turia

    My weight bounced around like a yo-yo the cycle I ended up pregnant with E. It was really weird.

    I am positive you do not have OHSS. And eat cupcakes! Cupcakes are good for stress levels!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      Hormones are powerful weird things. I am eating enough, so I am not that worried about malnutrition, etc. It’s just weird, since I think I’ve actually been eating more!


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