This week marked a number of milestones. As of Friday at 5:30 pm, I had:
1) Submitted my first full grant.
2) Given my last lab meeting for my current group.
3) Submitted a paper as first-author to a one-word journal.
4) Had a beta come back at less than one, certifying this ordeal is finally over.

None of these things were true on Thursday at 9 am.

I am exhausted.

I woke up at 6 am, which was not my plan at all. I’ve caught up on all the random emails that slipped through the cracks this week. I’ve sent out two talk titles, one for an online seminar in three weeks, and one for a conference in January. I’ve had a long and involved email conversation with my boss about what’s next (yes, on Saturday morning, ~12 hours after I submitted my paper. It never stops). She thinks I can get another paper done in two months. I think that’s nuts, but will be happy to have something to take with me. I wasn’t willing to lame-duck post-doc for two full months, and she’s not willing to give me anything gigantic or high-profile, so this should work out well.

I agreed to review a grant, and a paper, both due mid next week. I’m not going to do them this morning, though I am somewhat in the mood to. Even though my adrenaline says “keep pushing, keep going, look at your to do list”, my brain knows it needs some space. To decompress and to recharge. Not least because I’m still not sleeping well, and I need that to change sooner than later.


6 thoughts on “tumult

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I am so bad at decompressing! However, after waking up at seven on Sunday, I managed to get back to sleep til 10:02. Only a problem because I was meant to be skyping our mother at 10! A bit of a fuzzy start, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER for some proper sleep!

  1. Haisla

    Well done for getting everything done and catching up on some sleep on Sun! I hope you’ll find a good balance between keeping busy and giving yourself enough time and space to recover both physically and emotionally.xx


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