staring at walls

I have reached the stage in my decompression from stress where I am no longer running on an insane adrenaline high. Now my adrenaline has entirely deserted me, making me sleepy and inefficient. I have gotten absolutely nothing done today. I grudgingly got a paper review done and met with my boss (new project, go!) yesterday, but only because I had to.

I go on vacation on Saturday. I need this week to not be a total loss, but I also do not wish to stress about any of the not-urgent things I do need to get done.

I know from experience this too shall pass, and my motivation will recover. Burn out usually doesn’t stick around for more than a few days with me, so I’m sure tomorrow or Thursday will be a better day.

Happy news for the day is that my friend who was poised to become mother of the Bobbsey twins has safely delivered her second set. One boy and one girl, making three boys and one girl total. I gather the aftermath of the birth was traumatic, for her not the babies, but they are all home and safe and sound now. I am delighted!

2 thoughts on “staring at walls

  1. Turia

    You know your brain best. Find some useful but not essential things to do this week and then enjoy your vacation!

    (And please tell your friend a very hearty congratulations from me. I’m very excited for her!)

  2. thecommonostrich

    Sometimes our bodies and brains don’t just tell us what to do, they order it. If you can relax take a nap take care of the essentials before your vacation and then truly let go.

    And congratulations on your friends safe delivery. I think sometimes we forget how traumatic childbirth can be, since it is also so commonplace. Glad that everyone is happy and healthy.


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