home again

We’re back, after nine days of hiking through various canyons in The Southwest. The lush green of campus is startling my eyes after over a week of reds, ochres, and sand.

We woke up before dawn seven of the nine days, and only slept in (til eight!!) once. A schedule requested by Pea, who is near-nocturnal if left to his own devices in an urban environment. The dawn light is good for photography, you see, and we were routinely staying an hour or so from the canyons we were hiking. Also, the mornings were cool enough to hike while by 2 pm it was often stiflingly hot. We hiked at least six miles per day, even if we’d driven for over four hours that day, alternating days with hikes along canyon rims with days of steep inclines in and out. We started icing our knees on day three. We were not fit enough for what we wanted to do, but we did it anyway. We once ate dinner at 4:30 pm: right when our food arrived, a busload of senior citizens arrived at the restaurant. We drew some odd looks from our endless giggles over beating the early birds to dinner. After showering away the grit and sunscreen, we went to bed around 9 pm most nights, utterly exhausted.

It was amazing.

2015-10-17 18.48.05 HDR

2015-10-17 18.29.12

2015-10-15 15.40.09

2015-10-14 10.43.172015-10-15 09.59.06

2015-10-14 10.56.13 HDR  2015-10-14 10.30.21 HDR 2015-10-11 10.40.53 HDR

Pea for scale.

2015-10-10 17.36.38

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