conversations with Pea, part the vacation

on an afternoon hike
Pea: These birds! They are flitting everywhere. I don’t think I have a good picture of one to identify them.
Me: Well, they are small and either grey or kinda blue, and have no identifying features. You’ll be fine!
Pea: ….

later, walking in to the visitor’s center
Pea: Maybe they will have those birds stuffed in here, that would be great!
Me: Yah, they will tell us the name.
Pea: no, then we can steal it, and you can toss it in the air, and I will get a good picture!
Me: of a dead bird in the air?!
Pea: Yes! It will probably look very natural.
Me: imitating a dead bird tossed through the air, wings folded, feet sticking out. *laughs*


hiking through a canyon that has some areas of trail reconstruction happening
Me: oh look! A native bulldozer! It is just a baby one though.
Pea: shhh, it is asleep, we should not bother it.

later on the hike
Pea: Oh look, another baby bulldozer. There are a lot around in this park.
Me: Maybe they are migrating.

walking back through the original area
Pea: Oh no! The bulldozer woke up and it has eaten a person!

2015-10-15 12.01.01

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