well what do you know

According to all signs and omens, I ovulated on Friday*.  It was cycle day 39, so this is by no means a ‘normal’ cycle, but still, whoa.
There is no chance of conception this round: bad timing (we weren’t trying to time it), and also day 39 is not exactly prime uterine real estate. Old and tired, that lining would be.
I will admit I am surprised and pleased. I didn’t really think this was going to happen, even though it did for my sister.

Here’s what the cycle looked like:

cd 1-11 – I ate everything I wanted, including two dinners composed almost entirely of cheese and various foodstuffs as vehicles for cheese. Because sad.
cd 11 – hcG officially at 0.
cd 12 – I should do something with my diet, probably..
cd 12-18 – Halfhearted attempts to avoid dairy and lower carbs. Interspersed with pizza and candy. I definitely did adjust my diet back towards pre-IVF foods, but also was not trying all that hard yet.
cd 19-27 – on vacation, where it proves incredibly easy to avoid dairy. No dairy, at all. Body fakes me out on an ovulatory attempt with watery CF and suspicious cervix. It doesn’t seem quite right, and my temp proves to actually be low once home, and not just low because we were waking up at dawn.
cd 29-31 – reintroduce metformin, 500 mg/day. Continue the absolutely no dairy kick.
cd 30 – Turia is pregnant, holy shit! I must immediately do everything she is doing! Switch to greek yogurt but no granola at breakfast, no dairy otherwise, more serious about high protein, low carbs.
cd 32 – onwards – increase metformin to 1000 mg/day. Fail to ever remember the midday pill to get myself up to 1500 mg/day.
cd 37-39 – egg white cervical fluid, abdominal bloat/discomfort. Cervix softens, rises, and opens in a text book pattern of pre-ovulation. I debate peeing on LH strips and decide I don’t actually care enough this round to get worked up.
cd 39 – ovulation!

To recap – least scientific attempt to reboot my cycle ever. Twenty days of no dairy, or greek yogurt only (last 9 days). Ten days of metformin, albeit at lower-than-clinical doses. And voila: my second earliest natural ovulation since coming off the pill in August 2012.**
I am actually quite glad our timing was awful. I am not really ready to reenter the am I/aren’t I space of a two week wait, and a pregnancy would be supremely awkwardly timed. Now I get to just see how long my luteal phase is (best ever was 12 days), and see about getting my metformin dose up properly. Also I ate some pizza in celebration, because while it is physically easy to remove dairy from my eating habits, cheese is so very delicious.

Hindsight being the pain in the ass that it is, after my last natural ovulation (in March of 2013), Pea and I decided to start trying. I promptly cut out caffeine, substituting my morning tea for a large steamed milk. I also promptly never ovulated again. Nice work, past me. You didn’t know, but that was a poor choice.

* temperature charting, cervix position, cervical fluid, my general understanding of my body’s sensations, ovulation pain.
** not counting ovulating two follicles on cycle day 6 post miscarriage #1, because that was some progesterone-fueled nonsense right there.


6 thoughts on “well what do you know

  1. Turia

    Oh man, the milk steamer! I was also so annoyed when I realized that my milk and cereal breakfast habit of the last THREE DECADES was probably a major factor in my total lack of menstrual cycle.

    Loved your description of your cycle. I’m so glad it worked!

    1. labmonkeyftw Post author

      I know! Stupid milk for being healthy and delicious.
      I’m happy too! Now to see about shortening that lag time, and being a bit more serious about the diet from the outset.

  2. Haisla

    That’s so exciting though!! And I agree, cutting cheese out of diet is haaard. That’s why I still resort to goats cheese at times of desperation. Good luck with the body reboot!!


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