conversations with Pea, part the next

Pea has recently gotten pretty into moss. Which is a very strange sentence, and probably a strange hobby, but Pea has the greenest thumb of anyone I’ve ever met, and he likes taking weird plant cuttings home with him from trips to try to grow them. Lately, it’s been moss. We now have three or four tupperware containers with green blobs in them scattered around our living room. They have saran-wrap covers under my orders, because spores.

Pea: peering into one of the containers Do you think it will grow?
Me: I dunno, but it hasn’t died yet!
Two days later
Pea: peering into the same container It hasn’t grown.
Me: It’s been two days! Did you expect it to cover all the sand and start moving up the sides already?
Pea: excited face Yah!!


Last night
Me: Where did the branch with the cool neon green lichen go?
Pea: It’s over by the window.
Me: oh, we should find it a tupperware.
Pea: blushes Or, you know, like a nice glass place to put it. Like a terrarium.
Me: Are you going to empty my weird, mostly dead one? I am not sure it will fit in that.
Pea: blushes deeper Or, you know, like a different one. With a lid. That’s bigger.
Me: But we don’t have one like .. NO YOU DIDN’T!!! tone of genuine anger rather than my normal amused exasperation over Pea purchasing a plant habitat or serving bowl (of which we have MANY but they make him so happy)
Pea: bright red, confused  I bought two new ones from Amazon.
Pea: relieved laughing Oh that’s a good idea!

This is the SECOND time I have had a brilliant idea for something that will make Pea happy for his birthday following which Pea has immediately purchased it for himself mere weeks before the actual day. I made a sufficient fuss last time that he now genuinely remembers me having given him his leatherman, which I did not do.

Back to the drawing board.


5 thoughts on “conversations with Pea, part the next

  1. Haisla

    That is so funny!!! And I have to say has happened a lot in our household, but in reverse. M. has had some lovely gift stashed away for me and then I have gone and bought the same damn thing just weeks before my birthday (what can I say, I’m impulsive :). We have therefore implemented a ‘one month rule’ whereby the person whose birthday is coming up is not allowed to buy anything for themselves during the month leading up to their birthday to give the other person a chance to buy a present without risking it being bought by the birthday person. So far it has worked, but it’s hard work not buying things you really, really want.. ; )


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