Today is the kickoff of the final table of the World Series of Poker. Watching poker on TV is my Very Strange Hobby, and this is the biggest event of the year. I’m watching the first evening of it as I type. I’m excited.

Pea has sent me a number of satirical articles this week with headlines such as “Woman enjoys last days with her husband before release of Fallout 4”. He’s excited.

The poker finale is Tuesday night. Fallout 4 is released on Tuesday.

Tuesday is also our 6 year anniversary, so we have reservations at a nice restaurant we’ve been meaning to check out.

Certainly we will postpone our personal geekery in favor of romantical noshing, but it’s a bit of a funny overlap of events, in which we are BOTH making a minor sacrifice to spend time with each other when we usually hang out all the time without even thinking about it.

Lab book update – a lab book update! It has been a while. I’m 9 dpo today and not spotting yet. I feel very bloated and weird though, so AF might be waiting in the wings. No spotting on 9 dpo is already progress from all of my clomid cycles way back when. Oh clomid, the drug from hell. So successful for some, but so erratic and anxiety-inducing and spotting-filled for me.


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