a fortnight

My natural cycle finished up this weekend, and I am baffled to announce that my LP was 14 days long. A full, solid 14 days, with a temperature waver on day 14 and some spotting in the evening.

Like a normal person!

Granted, a 39 day lead-up to O is not exactly normal, but maybe that will be shorter this time around given I’m not coming off pregnancy/IVF hormones and I’m taking the diet seriously from the get go. We shall see.

It is nice to know that my border-line LP defect may have resolved. My LP was always 9-10 days before we added progesterone support with IUIs, even on clomid. So this is at least a little bit of good news.

I tested on day 12 because my temperature still being high so late was novel, but I didn’t have any expectation of a positive. Our timing had been just terrible. I’ve realized that we might as well try though, since I’m going to think about the possibility even when I know there isn’t one. I’m not really saving myself any energy by taking a break.


2 thoughts on “a fortnight

  1. Turia


    I was also going to suggest you give it a go this round. Given you and Pea will then be geographically separated, it seems silly not to at least give it a shot. I am so hopeful this will be a better cycle! I think my first one was almost that long too.


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