crisis averted, motivation low

All is well on the reference front. My intended reference has agreed to write a letter, and was flatteringly enthused about my new job and the prospects of this application. My chair seems unperturbed that I’ve been flailing around, and is pleased I am reminding him at timely moments of what needs doing.

So. I am no less an idiot, but I feel better, and knowing all three reference letters are in motion makes me feel 800x better than I did on Friday.

In other news, today is my fourth to last day of work. I’m not very motivated, but I have also realized there are three or four things I really do need to do before I finish. So I have mustered up some gumption to get them done this week.

I am so excited for a break, you have no idea. I’m positive I will be utterly cripplingly bored about two days into it, but I’m still so excited.

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