News in brief, on this, my second to last day of work.

Everyone has woken up this week thinking “Lab Monkey is leaving! I should go for coffee or lunch with her to get some last minute hang outs. And also ask all those questions I had stored up. And look sad at her in the hopes she will change her mind about leaving.” It’s been an interesting week. I’ve had a lot of tea and sad looks. Not helped by the fact that this week is only three days long because of American Thanksgiving, so the schedule has been pretty packed.

I’m feeling less like a useless lump of human following two invitations to review papers*, one request to write a book chapter on some methods I developed, and one email from my “arms-length” reference following his receipt of my CV in which he warmly congratulated me on my master’s work. Apparently he’s been using one of my papers extensively and had not put two and two together (which I would think was odd, because my name is pretty distinctive, but which is much less surprising from this person, who is not going to notice author lists ever, too much else to think about). Anyway, I can safely count on a strong reference from him, and that makes me happy.

Also I’m realizing I need to get better at saying no, or I will spend my whole vacation doing random service for the science community, and it doesn’t need me that badly.

One more day. I like my job, and my lab-mates. I like my office and my desk. I like my current project, which will not be done in one day. I am ready to be somewhere else, doing something else, but I am sad to go.

It doesn’t feel real quite yet.


* one review request was from one of my candidates for reviewers for my fancy application, so I’m on his radar as an expert opinion, which is excellent. I could not turn that one down, obviously.

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